For some reason, this bothered me.

So the experience today left me feeling a little down. It made me wonder, how much and how long?

Let me explain. My coworker and I decided to visit the local mom and pop for lunch. We each get the chicken, Three whole wings, with Four potato wedges, and a roll.

We make our way back to the work truck to eat on the lot. Lately, we have been enjoying Bounty Hunter D, doing loyalty tests. We bet quarters sometimes on who will be unfaithful.

After some time, I exit the truck to brush off some crumbs and throw my trash away. As soon as I step out there is a woman at the back of our truck. I had no idea she was there. My coworker said that she was back there for awhile.

She looked at me and mumbled something. I thought she was on the phone with Bluetooth, but she wasn’t. I asked, “are you talking to me?” She said “yes, was that chicken good?”I said “yes it was okay.”

She said “can you help a sister get home?”I was like “I don’t have any cash.” And she said “yes you do,” and was going to say “you’re lying.” I was stunned. And before I could respond by offering her something from the mom and pop, she walked away talking bad about our exchange.

The thing that bothered me, it is my obligation to help those in need. Yes, it is I who carries cash for the sole purpose of helping those in need. I use credit, not cash. And I just so happened to be out of cash.

So my question is, how much will I have to continue to give? How long will I have to continue to give? And I know the answer. As long as I’m able to do so. But what about those awkward times like the example I just described? I’m left feeling sad because of this one soul I couldn’t help.

In the movie Fences, Denzel Washington said “You got to take the crooked’s with the straights,” yea, I hear you brother.

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Fr. Williams

The purpose for this blog is to share my thoughts and feelings. My daily work is to aid and assist, with a sincere desire to promote peace and harmony with all humanity.

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