A few words to start the day.

“Every day, every hour, and every minute millions of people throughout the world are praying for peace and searching for empowerment. Within their hearts burns a desire to attain the kind of life that would provide them with freedom from fear and uncertainty. The extent of their prayers for peace is dependent upon the concept, measure, and function of the world in which they live.

The depth and feeling of their prayers are generated to a large extent by the discomfort touching their daily lives. Some of these people desire an inner peace—a peace of mind, which is limited to their own world of self. They feel that this can be attained with little or no concern for their fellow humans.

Others pray for an ethnic or religious peace—to be empowered ethnically, racially, or religiously. They desire a change in position for their particular group—a redirection of fear, hate, and distrust. Their desire is to change only those conditions affecting a particular ethnic or religious group. They pray for a “just revenge.”

Among such individuals there is the belief that it is possible to have peace within one particular ethnic or religious group, without having deep concern for the welfare of all people, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or national origin. Such people live and think in a world that has been narrowed by humanity’s ignorance, as well as by feelings of separateness that produce “classifications” within the human race.”

-Lonnie C. Edwards, M.D.

Published by

Fr. Eddie

The purpose for this blog is to share my thoughts and feelings. My daily work is to aid and assist, with a sincere desire to promote peace and harmony with all humanity.

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