A Great Weekend

I left Friday morning, heading back to Texas for initiation work on Saturday. So I had the opportunity to spend some time with a good brother that I met Two years ago via another Rite. We connected and built a very strong bond.

I know from experience, when people like this are placed into your life, it’s always best to develop those relationships. I admit, I didn’t know the true purpose why our paths crossed. Over time, it became clear.

This trip, we spent the most time together ever. I stayed with him instead of getting a hotel room. And right after I got there, he took me to his local tavern. We played pool and drank craft brew.

We were getting ready to watch the Dallas Golden State game later that night. So we left that tavern and walked to another one that my wife and I discovered Two years ago. We had a good time.

So we walked to the AT&T park where everyone hangs out. We found our spot and anchored down. Dallas came out strong, it wasn’t enough. We left there and walked to another tavern for food and drinks.

After that we stayed up discussing various topics and issues we are both involved in. We let reasoning be our guide. And we just ran out of energy. Lights out.

When we woke up, my brother took me to his favorite taco spot. We talked more, and reflected on the fun we had last night. Me, being a DVD/BluRay collector asked if there were any pawnshops close by?

He said no but we have a Goodwill around the corner. Even better! So I did get about Eight classics, and Two really nice Laptop bags. We headed back and I started getting ready for the work.

I arrived early to still my mind. I was happy to be back at this particular lodge. The members are genuine, and the energy feels good. The education and discussions are meaningful. I feel at home in this lodge.

Of course, I’m still meeting people. That’s fine with me because it is a very rewarding journey that I’m on. I feel good, full of positive energy. And, I have a change of perspective regarding the teachings.

I used Sunday to reflect on the experience and rest. I look forward to our next meeting.

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Fr. Eddie

The purpose for this blog is to share my thoughts and feelings. My daily work is to aid and assist, with a sincere desire to promote peace and harmony with all humanity.

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