A lost crowd I awakened, saying,
You who are alive, holy offspring of Seth,
understand this. Do not turn a deaf ear to me.

Awaken your divinity to divinity
and strengthen your undefiled chosen souls.

Observe the constant change that is here
and seek the unchanging state of being

The father of all these beings invites you.
When you are being rebuked and maltreated, he will not forsake you.

Do not wash yourselves with death,
nor rely on those who are inferior
as if they were superior.

Flee from the madness and the fetter of femaleness and choose the salvation of maleness.

You have come not to suffer but to break your fetters. Break free, and what has bound you will be broken.

Save yourselves so that part may be saved.
The good father has sent you the savior
and has strengthened you.

Why are you waiting? Seek when you are sought. When you are invited, listen, for the time is short. Do not be led astray.

Great is the eternal realm of the eternal realms of the living, but great also is the punishment of the unconvinced.

Many fetters and punishers surround you.
Get away quickly before destruction overtakes you.

Look to the light, fly from the darkness.
Do not be led astray to destruction,

Published by

Fr. Eddie

The purpose for this blog is to share my thoughts and feelings. My daily work is to aid and assist, with a sincere desire to promote peace and harmony with all humanity.

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