Understanding Human Sovereignty (Excerpt)

People across the world now need to reclaim their sovereignty. This is the time for reclaiming the human experience.

Through entrapment within the “lesser self” humanity has lost contact with the “Greater Self.”

It is within the lesser self that manipulation comes easily. People are vulnerable to external influence and control. People are thus submissive to power.

In order to understand human sovereignty, it is first necessary to understand what external power is and how it is used to wield influence and control.

When external forms of power are
understood, then internal empowerment can be recognized and brought forth.

Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe Chapter 11 (Excerpt)

The universe is one complete, creative, and dynamic whole. All of our thoughts seek to manifest and become creative once placed into the universal mind. The quality and purpose of the emotion, intention, belief, feeling, and motive behind the vibratory energy released determines the nature of what we create.

Every thought we think struggles to become a reality and is destined to manifest. Our thinking brings to us certain realities and experiences. Thoughts are constructive and supportive, strengthening and capable of serving others, as well as us, when they originate from a desire of love and from the higher self.

Thoughts of compassion can console the heavy heart when words cannot be found or are inadequate. Thoughts of a caring and loving nature can inspire, motivate, protect, and provide a sense of security, because they touch the soul and are in harmony with the creative urges and purpose of the soul and the universe.

The powerful law governing thought was written early upon the pages of wisdom in the Book of Life. Great masters and avatars have proclaimed this law and have translated and dispensed it upon every plane of consciousness. Since everyone thinks and everyone is a potential creator, whether realized or not, consciously or unconsciously, everyone uses the law and is affected by it.

When the conscious mind produces a thought, it is delivered to the subjective and subconscious mind where universal law takes over and creation begins.

Lonnie C. Edwards, M.D.


A lost crowd I awakened, saying,
You who are alive, holy offspring of Seth,
understand this. Do not turn a deaf ear to me.

Awaken your divinity to divinity
and strengthen your undefiled chosen souls.

Observe the constant change that is here
and seek the unchanging state of being

The father of all these beings invites you.
When you are being rebuked and maltreated, he will not forsake you.

Do not wash yourselves with death,
nor rely on those who are inferior
as if they were superior.

Flee from the madness and the fetter of femaleness and choose the salvation of maleness.

You have come not to suffer but to break your fetters. Break free, and what has bound you will be broken.

Save yourselves so that part may be saved.
The good father has sent you the savior
and has strengthened you.

Why are you waiting? Seek when you are sought. When you are invited, listen, for the time is short. Do not be led astray.

Great is the eternal realm of the eternal realms of the living, but great also is the punishment of the unconvinced.

Many fetters and punishers surround you.
Get away quickly before destruction overtakes you.

Look to the light, fly from the darkness.
Do not be led astray to destruction,

Honore de Balzac – Seraphita

“The Poet utters; the Thinker meditates; the Righteous acts; but they who stand upon the
borders of the Divine World prays; and that prayer is word, thought, action, all in one!

Yes, prayer includes all, contains all. The universe belongs to those who will, who know, who pray; but they must will, must know, must pray; in a word, they must possess strength, wisdom, and faith.

Fruit of the laborious, progressive, continued development of natural
properties and faculties vitalized anew by the Divine Breath of the Word, Prayer has occult activity; it is the final worship – not the material worship of images, nor the spiritual worship of formulas – but the worship of the Divine World.”


In past times, external use of power was more visibly known through public, and often brute and crude, displays and forms – such as public executions. Over time, power techniques have become more insidious as they have become non-visible.

Forms of power over the human
race have become increasingly woven into
general ways and structures of life. That is, they have become more seamless and are now often accepted as being a part of the
‘norm.’ External power is now connected with social regulation and the management of your societies_they form what are referred to as social engineering.

Some forms remain visible and more obvious; in this, they serve to function as known incentives to order and control. Yet the majority of power operates non-visibly. They are forms of coercion through willing subservience to controlling forces. As a general rule, people tend to be aware of, and focus on, the visible and the more obvious demonstrations of power.

The intelligent qualities of soul and soul personality.

“The intelligent qualities of soul and soul personality must be given the freedom to express themselves through human activities without obstruction. Preparations must be made before the soul can express itself through this medium. We must desire that all obstacles interfering with the soul’s expression of love and oneness of being be eliminated and replaced with light. The personality must be regenerated, enlightened, disciplined, purified, and dedicated to the service of humanity and to the glory of God.” -Lonnie C. Edwards M.D.


What exactly does self-mastery mean?

It means learning how to chart your own course through life. How to find the means to make the right choices and decisions.

It means seeing your present circumstances as unlimited opportunities for growth, because you do have the ability to change your situation.

It means being able to take charge of your life and help those around you to achieve a happier and a healthier existence.

About Prayer

“The Poet utters; the Thinker meditates; the Righteous acts; but they who stand upon the borders of the Divine World prays; and that prayer is word, thought, action, all in one!

Yes, prayer includes all, contains all… The universe belongs to those who will, who know, who pray; but they must will, must know, must pray; in a word, they must possess strength, wisdom, and faith…

Fruit of the laborious, progressive, continued development of natural
properties and faculties vitalized anew by the Divine Breath of the Word,

Prayer has occult activity; it is the final worship not the material worship of images, nor the spiritual worship of formulas but the worship of the Divine World.”

~Honoré de Balzac

A Great Weekend

I left Friday morning, heading back to Texas for initiation work on Saturday. So I had the opportunity to spend some time with a good brother that I met Two years ago via another Rite. We connected and built a very strong bond.

I know from experience, when people like this are placed into your life, it’s always best to develop those relationships. I admit, I didn’t know the true purpose why our paths crossed. Over time, it became clear.

This trip, we spent the most time together ever. I stayed with him instead of getting a hotel room. And right after I got there, he took me to his local tavern. We played pool and drank craft brew.

We were getting ready to watch the Dallas Golden State game later that night. So we left that tavern and walked to another one that my wife and I discovered Two years ago. We had a good time.

So we walked to the AT&T park where everyone hangs out. We found our spot and anchored down. Dallas came out strong, it wasn’t enough. We left there and walked to another tavern for food and drinks.

After that we stayed up discussing various topics and issues we are both involved in. We let reasoning be our guide. And we just ran out of energy. Lights out.

When we woke up, my brother took me to his favorite taco spot. We talked more, and reflected on the fun we had last night. Me, being a DVD/BluRay collector asked if there were any pawnshops close by?

He said no but we have a Goodwill around the corner. Even better! So I did get about Eight classics, and Two really nice Laptop bags. We headed back and I started getting ready for the work.

I arrived early to still my mind. I was happy to be back at this particular lodge. The members are genuine, and the energy feels good. The education and discussions are meaningful. I feel at home in this lodge.

Of course, I’m still meeting people. That’s fine with me because it is a very rewarding journey that I’m on. I feel good, full of positive energy. And, I have a change of perspective regarding the teachings.

I used Sunday to reflect on the experience and rest. I look forward to our next meeting.

Maybe It’s Me

What does it mean when we have fraternal ties with other members? I feel like these ties are not as strong as they were in the past. Maybe it’s just me.

Possibly, the experiences that I’ve had. What do you do when you notice members who are not living up to the obligations of the fraternity?

People tend to join organizations just to say I belong to such and such, I’m a whatever, you get the point. However, the work must be done properly in order to progress spiritually.

The titles and degrees become meaningless without proper application. Remember, it’s the members who live their life upright, always working on themselves, and for humanity, that gives the power to these titles and degrees.

For me, this lack of sincerity is becoming frustrating. Again, maybe it’s me.


Jesus tricked everyone. He did not appear as he was but in a way not to be seen. Yet he appeared to all of them.

To the great he appeared as great, to the small as small. To angels he appeared as an angel, and to humans as a human.

And he hid his word from everyone. Some looked at him and thought they saw themselves.

When before his students he appeared gloriously on the mountain, he was not small.

No, he became great, and he made his students grow so they would know his immensity.


It’s Been Ten Years Already?

I can remember when joined the Order back in 2012. I felt nervous about that decision. Mainly because I had no real idea of the Rosicrucian teachings, and I never met one. I read a lot of the public works and found them to be very informative and interesting. The vast amount of topics covered so much mystically, and the historical content was amazing. Everything seemed to align and resonate with me. I thought it was to good to be true. I eventually came across articles that attempted to place the Order in a negative light. Even after reading those articles, I just couldn’t ignore the desire to join.

Because we don’t have a temple in my state, for years my work was done at home. For awhile I would receive notifications from the lodge in Dallas. They would arrive at times when I was not financially able to attend. And after Ten years, I made my first temple initiation last month. I can now experience each initiation in succession, through the month of December. Indeed, it feels like the start of another journey.

Currently, I’m still in the process of meeting and building relationships with the members of my lodge. Besides myself, there were Ten of us that had the beautiful experience of initiation. It is something that you must do if you are on this path. I thought it was to late for me. Like I wasted so much time. In truth, I didn’t waste any. Like a seed that has been planted, conditions must be met first, before it begins to grow.

A few words to start the day.

“Every day, every hour, and every minute millions of people throughout the world are praying for peace and searching for empowerment. Within their hearts burns a desire to attain the kind of life that would provide them with freedom from fear and uncertainty. The extent of their prayers for peace is dependent upon the concept, measure, and function of the world in which they live.

The depth and feeling of their prayers are generated to a large extent by the discomfort touching their daily lives. Some of these people desire an inner peace—a peace of mind, which is limited to their own world of self. They feel that this can be attained with little or no concern for their fellow humans.

Others pray for an ethnic or religious peace—to be empowered ethnically, racially, or religiously. They desire a change in position for their particular group—a redirection of fear, hate, and distrust. Their desire is to change only those conditions affecting a particular ethnic or religious group. They pray for a “just revenge.”

Among such individuals there is the belief that it is possible to have peace within one particular ethnic or religious group, without having deep concern for the welfare of all people, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or national origin. Such people live and think in a world that has been narrowed by humanity’s ignorance, as well as by feelings of separateness that produce “classifications” within the human race.”

-Lonnie C. Edwards, M.D.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

It is a special day of honors for our Mother’s here in the United States. While many are privileged to enjoy, It is also a day of remembrance for many, perhaps the toughest day of the year. However, it is in the heart where the Mother will always live through remembrance. If we are one of the fortunate, who’s blessed and privileged, don’t be selfish, give reverence to the bearer of life. Honor her, all the days of your life.