The intelligent qualities of soul and soul personality.

“The intelligent qualities of soul and soul personality must be given the freedom to express themselves through human activities without obstruction. Preparations must be made before the soul can express itself through this medium. We must desire that all obstacles interfering with the soul’s expression of love and oneness of being be eliminated and replaced with light. The personality must be regenerated, enlightened, disciplined, purified, and dedicated to the service of humanity and to the glory of God.” -Lonnie C. Edwards M.D.


What exactly does self-mastery mean?

It means learning how to chart your own course through life. How to find the means to make the right choices and decisions.

It means seeing your present circumstances as unlimited opportunities for growth, because you do have the ability to change your situation.

It means being able to take charge of your life and help those around you to achieve a happier and a healthier existence.