Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity and the Universe Chapter 11 (Excerpt)

The universe is one complete, creative, and dynamic whole. All of our thoughts seek to manifest and become creative once placed into the universal mind. The quality and purpose of the emotion, intention, belief, feeling, and motive behind the vibratory energy released determines the nature of what we create.

Every thought we think struggles to become a reality and is destined to manifest. Our thinking brings to us certain realities and experiences. Thoughts are constructive and supportive, strengthening and capable of serving others, as well as us, when they originate from a desire of love and from the higher self.

Thoughts of compassion can console the heavy heart when words cannot be found or are inadequate. Thoughts of a caring and loving nature can inspire, motivate, protect, and provide a sense of security, because they touch the soul and are in harmony with the creative urges and purpose of the soul and the universe.

The powerful law governing thought was written early upon the pages of wisdom in the Book of Life. Great masters and avatars have proclaimed this law and have translated and dispensed it upon every plane of consciousness. Since everyone thinks and everyone is a potential creator, whether realized or not, consciously or unconsciously, everyone uses the law and is affected by it.

When the conscious mind produces a thought, it is delivered to the subjective and subconscious mind where universal law takes over and creation begins.

Lonnie C. Edwards, M.D.

Honore de Balzac – Seraphita

“The Poet utters; the Thinker meditates; the Righteous acts; but they who stand upon the
borders of the Divine World prays; and that prayer is word, thought, action, all in one!

Yes, prayer includes all, contains all. The universe belongs to those who will, who know, who pray; but they must will, must know, must pray; in a word, they must possess strength, wisdom, and faith.

Fruit of the laborious, progressive, continued development of natural
properties and faculties vitalized anew by the Divine Breath of the Word, Prayer has occult activity; it is the final worship – not the material worship of images, nor the spiritual worship of formulas – but the worship of the Divine World.”


In past times, external use of power was more visibly known through public, and often brute and crude, displays and forms – such as public executions. Over time, power techniques have become more insidious as they have become non-visible.

Forms of power over the human
race have become increasingly woven into
general ways and structures of life. That is, they have become more seamless and are now often accepted as being a part of the
‘norm.’ External power is now connected with social regulation and the management of your societies_they form what are referred to as social engineering.

Some forms remain visible and more obvious; in this, they serve to function as known incentives to order and control. Yet the majority of power operates non-visibly. They are forms of coercion through willing subservience to controlling forces. As a general rule, people tend to be aware of, and focus on, the visible and the more obvious demonstrations of power.