The intelligent qualities of soul and soul personality.

“The intelligent qualities of soul and soul personality must be given the freedom to express themselves through human activities without obstruction. Preparations must be made before the soul can express itself through this medium. We must desire that all obstacles interfering with the soul’s expression of love and oneness of being be eliminated and replaced with light. The personality must be regenerated, enlightened, disciplined, purified, and dedicated to the service of humanity and to the glory of God.” -Lonnie C. Edwards M.D.

About Prayer

“The Poet utters; the Thinker meditates; the Righteous acts; but they who stand upon the borders of the Divine World prays; and that prayer is word, thought, action, all in one!

Yes, prayer includes all, contains all… The universe belongs to those who will, who know, who pray; but they must will, must know, must pray; in a word, they must possess strength, wisdom, and faith…

Fruit of the laborious, progressive, continued development of natural
properties and faculties vitalized anew by the Divine Breath of the Word,

Prayer has occult activity; it is the final worship not the material worship of images, nor the spiritual worship of formulas but the worship of the Divine World.”

~Honoré de Balzac